Been awhile...

Well time flies when your having fun lol. Last post I wrote I was going to the Gastro Dr, well I went and it all turned out OK. I did like him and he sat and listened and we talked. He is concerned about me losing weight. He actually looked at the records from my old Dr back north WOW. He wants me to have an endoscopy which is going deep into the small  intestines, he had a name for it, but i don't remember. I go this coming Wed. I get put to sleep , best
part of the test lol.

Sunday,my Motherinlaw and I went to my nephew Nikolas's First Holy Communion, it was a wonderful day, long ride there and home but we had fun! I also made my amends to my sis and brother in law. About 6 months ago we got in an argument online, that's why i don't like talking online to much as words get read wrong! Well all is OK now between us. Thank you God for giving me the strength to make the amends!

OK already, can we go so I can get out of this monkee suit lol

It was also my nephew's 8th Birthday. A double blessing!!
I took some photos of the family that was there.
I got a nice shot of my mominlaw and Sisinlaw Nadine

and a great one of  my other sisinlaw Lorraine and I, Nik's mom, the one I made amends to.

here's my nephew Nik and I, it was so great to see him, as it has been over 2 years since we last saw him.
Monday I took my motherinlaw to Dr and then we went to dollar store & payless ( it was BOGO lol ) As we were out hubby called to tell me my dad called and was very upset about mom. So I gave him a call, which is a blessings today as years ago he would have never called me to talk nor would I've called him back. He was glad i got back to him so fast and we talked for a while. I told him I would come up if needed and sleep over, but he said he felt better knowing he got a Dr's appointment and I would be there in the morning to go with them. Mom has been getting these seizure like episodes and they have been lasting longer and longer. Well r said any little infection makes the Parkinson's worse. So he gave dad a scrip for blood work an urine test. We went out for lunch and foodshoping as they usually go Mondays. We had mom in wheel chair as she was so very weak. It turned out to be a good day, no episode's. ( seems when u go see the Dr u always feel better lol ) I was glad when it was time to go home as I was so tired! My fatigue has been so bad!
I listened to Toby Mac CD on the way home and I really like this song, "Face of the Earth",  I have never listened to the whole CD. I am glad I did as really the whole CD is great!

Hubby and i went to the beach today.  It was in the mid 60's, a little windy as you can see by our hair. I had to wear my wind breaker walking in one direction.

We had pizza for lunch

and then we walked the whole boardwalk.

It was a nice time, but we both were tired when we got back. I went outside and layed in chase lounge and returned a call to my friend Carol/sponcee. She just recently found out she has breast cancer. So we chatted a long time, as we don't get to talk much since I moved.  It was so wonderful to catch up. She finally joined face book! So we will be able to chat more often online, as we use to use aim/AOL messenger but I don't have it anymore and even though my Gmail account has it but I don't usually go there.

Well that's all for now
God Bless
Peace, hugs and love Donna

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