Hello & Goodmorning

Welcome Friday!

I had a restless night, but i feel pretty good, so I am not complaining! Besides my hands and arms going numb and tingly & my stomach issue I am good , so far today! lol it is only 9:15am...shhhhh

I woke up singing Boomin by Tobymac,so when I went to get my motherinlaw to take her to hair dresser appointment I played it loud! and trying to sing it lol.

What else....today I go to my noon BB meeting then off to Gastro Dr. Then home and I gather we will leave for the game around 4:30. Which will be nice as i will get some time to go sit out side in the sin and work on my baby blanket, hopefully finish this square! lol It takes so much time as my hands go numb, that's why I started it NOW as the baby isn't due till Oct.

Oh dinner with my sponcee last night was so great! We both left feeling a lot better then when we came! We decided to do this every other Thursday. I am so grateful to AA , the fellowship and working with others. They help me more then I help them, I think sometimes, as I share where I use to be and where I am now and It still amazes me! Life is great! Especially when I leave it in God's hands!!
The sun is shining brightly and the weather is going to be; Sunny,
High 79F. Winds WSW at 10 to 15 mph. Perfect for a ballgame! The game starts 7pm and it is going to be 73°F and Sunny, Yes!! as tonight is opening  night of the
Somerset Patriots and we are going! I don't care for the hour and 1/2 ride there and home. Especially coming home! But we love them. We cut our games down this year to only 7, we usually get a lot more! We decided with gas so high and the long ride, next year we are not going to go. We go to the Lakewood BlueClaws games which are only 15 mins from us. I love baseball! I would love to go to a Met game but man they are way to expensive and we live to far now. I am trying to get hubby to go to a Philly-Met game, as Philly tickets are not as expensive. Will see.

I took a few pictures this morning of the back garden. the Azalea bush is beautiful with the wild purple flowers behind it.

 I am trying to root Forsythia & Wisteria. The Forsthia took but I am not sure if Wisteria will or does. I used the rooting powder so we will see! If not I really might just buy one . The first picture is the Forsthis, in the basket is a small rose bush , which I am going to plant.

That's all for now
God Bless♥


Welcome to Thursday

Woke up today with semi migraineFree Yahoo Smileys due to neck and body pain. With all the sleeping Ive been doing and then yesterday I felt good enough to clean some dust vacuum and here i am this morning in dire pain! On a scale of 1 to 10 we will give it a 8 right now. I have an ice pack on my neck and took Tylenol arthritis with my meds. The weather is changing again, so my body knows. It is weird how our body's know this. All I know is I don't care for it lol.

I was thinkingFree Thinking Smileys yesterday as i walked around dusting, that the reason i am bloging is so if I ever get to the point where I forget what I am doing I can look back ( or have someone look for me) and see where Ive been and what Ive done. I have a few journals I wrote already, but writing is hard to do, my arms and hands hurt so much and go numb. Yes the go numb and hurt as I do this but it isn't as hard as actually holding the pen and trying to write, as after a bit I cant read it lol. I Also worked on the baby blanket , had to rip out some of it as I made a mistake the other day. It is coming along!

I finally broke down and called the Gastro. Dr. I just hate going to Dr's and know i am only delaying trying to get SS-DI. I need to go and get the ball rolling!! SO I got an appointment for this Friday. WOW fast! Then as were eating dinner It dawned on me that this is the Gastro Dr I don't likeFree Sign Smileys Hahaha SO now the question is do I call and cancel and make the appointment with the Gastro Dr I do like or just keep it and see what happens. See I looked at the stomach meds I have and it said the first Dr , that's why I called him. Well I think i will just go and see what happens. If I don't like him I will call the other one. SOMETHING has to be done.

Today is food shopping day. Were in for nice weather todayFree Yahoo Smileys ;Windy with sunshine. High 71F. Winds W at 20 to 30 mph. Not bad! Hope to go sit in it later, maybe even putz around some if I feel better. The icepack is helping but will see.

Well that's all for now
God Bless
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Good day all

Good day all
Here it is Wed and April is coming to a close. Where does the time go? I remember my mother saying that when I was a kid, and I thought time doesn't go fast to crawls! WELL I guess as you age time begins to go faster.
It is a week since I went to that new Neuro. DRFree Angry Smileys and it was the last time I would go to that Dr. She got me so upset, so much past Dr visits where they looked at me like I was crazy, making it all up on how I felt, all because the test results didn't show anything. WELL First off she was looking for Epilepsy which duh!Free Yahoo Smileys I know I don't have and we weren't looking for that! Second she doesn't even believe in Fibromyalgia, so I should have known she would have been of no use to me. I was there due to some black outs I experienced a while back and my Rheumy Dr wanted to see if anything else was going on. It can be due to Lupus & Fibro, as you get a heavy fog head.
Well,, it took me a till the next day to realize I have to got Dr's , I just don't have to go to her. Due to my insurance I have now exhausted Neurologists. What really upset me was today these so called Specialist who should specialize in a variety a fields ,
(A neurologist is a medical doctor or osteopath who has trained in the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders, including diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles. ) but they seem to only specialize in a certain one and that's all. She I realized specialized in Sleep disorders and Epilepsy. It's NOT right! Free Yahoo SmileysWe pay good money to these special Dr's and they blow us off if we don't have what they feel you should have. Anyways I will see what the Rheumatolgist wants to do next. I do have to go back to my Gastro. Dr as my stomach isn't horrible. The meds I am on, which were working are no longer working. I been losing weight again and can't keep a lot food in. I spend a lot time in the bathroom, good thing I have a lot reading material in there. ( To much info )
Enough bout Dr's. I don't like talking bout health!! But had to get that out. I didn't read what i wrote in my last post so I hope I am not repeating self lol.

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Sunday I went to my great cousins 15th Birthday partyFree Manga SmileysFree Manga Smileys with my Mother In law. It was hour and half away and my first time riving there. We got a bit lost but found our way . Had a great day! It was hubby's side of the family. So I haven't seen some of them in a long while, as we don't usually go to parties. We stopped back in the day when i was still drinking. He cant use that excuse anymore lol SO I said you can stay home I am going! Glad I did as it was a great time and great food! Boy can my cousin cook! The time went fast , we got there for 2:30ish and before ya know it, it was 7:30. I wanted to leave then as to make it home in time for 9pm to watch a movie, "When Love Is Not Enough", A story of Lois W.’s life and the roots of ALANON. It was good, although, I feel it could have been longer, focusing on more issues Lois had to deal with. I know being a recovering alcoholic, it isnt easy living with us and and I grateful that Lois started up Alanon and used the 12 Steps to help the families get better!  But the point got across. Was intense in some parts, especially watching it with hubby in room. memories of how I was when drinking and the damage I did. Grateful I am sober today and don't have to be that way today! AND that my husband stuck around! We are closer today then ever, although he never went to alanon.

My allergies are kicking my butt!Free Yahoo Smileys And with the rain it makes it worse. I have had to take allergies pills a lot lately! With each year i get older they get worse. What fun we have when we get old LOL Anyways I went to see my parents yesterday. I got there around 12ish and dad was so happy to see me. He said mom was very bad most of morning and a struggle to get her to take her meds. This seems to be getting worseFree Yahoo Smileys, will have to discuss with her Dr. SO he was happy to see a smiling faceFree Yahoo Smileys. I sat with them on couch and held their hands and tried to comfort them both. We sat there for a couple hours before dad said lets go get some lunch and as we were getting ready my Aunt and Uncle popped in. Was great to see them as i haven't seen them in along while and was just asking bout them. They stayed 30 mins and then we got ready to go. Mom stated she wanted ice cream for lunch lol so we went to friendlys. Mom loves her ice cream!! We had a nice lunch and then came back to the house it was already 4ish and I had to get on the road. 2 hour ride and I was so tired! I did moms nails first and as i said my goodbyes dad told me he was so glad to see me and how it makes his day. He said I just seem to brighten up their day. It makes me smile Free Yahoo Smileysto see him smileFree Yahoo Smileys, it isn't easy for him living full time with mom. Especially as her Parkinson's progressesFree Yahoo Smileys. I am glad I can make it there once a week. Wish i could make it 2xs a week like I use to but it seems with gas prices and not feeling well, its just too much. I hope to go sleep over again soon!

Today is a free day! Free Yahoo SmileysI have a few things to do , like call stomach Dr and pick up scripts later, but other then that I am going to watch a movie, work on crafts and relax! Hubby is taking my car in for service so I will be home alone! YES! heehee Don't get to be home

God Bless
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ABC =Acceptance, Belief, Change

We realize we know only a little. God will constantly disclose more to you and to us. Ask Him in your morning meditation what you can do each day for the man who is still sick. The answers will come, if your own house is in order. But obviously you cannot transmit something you haven't got. See to it that your relationship with Him is right, and great events will come to pass for you and countless others. This is the Great Fact for us.
Sobriety is a journey of joyful discovery. Each day brings new experience, awareness, greater hope, deeper faith, broader tolerance. I must maintain these attributes or I will have nothing to pass on.
Great events for this recovering alcoholic are the normal everyday joys found in being able to live another day in God's grace.


Knitted Pocketbooks

I like to try my hand at just about anything crafty and if my attempts come out decent enough, then I share them . I realized i haven't shared any craft items Ive done. SO here is my attempt at 2 Knit pocketbooks. One is finished and I still have to finish the other.

I used a simple Knit 3 Purl 3 pattern

I added lining inside and sewed it up I took that magnet
off and added a snap instead.

I have to finish this one, like i said I just used a basic Knit and Purl ribbing
When i started them I didn't even know they were going to be pocketbooks lol



"One exercise that I practice
is to try for a full inventory of my blessings
and then for a right acceptance
of the many gifts that are mine--
both temporal and spiritual.
Here I try to achieve a state of joyful gratitude.
When such a brand of gratitude
is repeatedly affirmed and pondered,
it can finally displace the natural tendency to
congratulate myself on whatever progress
I may have been enabled to make
in certain areas of living.
I try hard to hold fast to the truth
that a full and thankful heart
cannot entertain great conceits.
When brimming with gratitude,
one's heartbeat must surely result
in outgoing love,
the finest emotion that we can ever know."
Bill W., Box 1980: The AA Grapevine, March 1962As Bill Sees It, p. 37
Thought to Consider . . .
It's a pity we can't forget our troubles
the same way we forget our blessings.

Getting It From The Steps


*~*~*~*~*^ Big Book Quote ^*~*~*~*~*

"Abandon yourself to God as you understand God. Admit your faults to
Him and to your fellows. Clear away the wreckage of your past. Give
freely of what you find and join us. We shall be with you in the
Fellowship of the Spirit, and you will surely meet some of us as you
trudge the Road of Happy Destiny."
~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, A Vision For You, pg. 164

*~*~*~*^Twenty Four Hours A Day^*~*~*~*

A.A. Thought for the Day
Men and women keep coming into A.A., licked by alcohol, often given up by doctors as hopeless cases, they themselves admitting they're helpless to stop drinking. When I see these men and women get sober and stay sober over a period of months and years, I know that A.A. works. The change I see in people who come into A.A. not only convinces me that A.A. works, but it also convinces me that there must be a Power greater than ourselves which helps us to make that change. Am I convinced that a Higher Power can help me to change?
Meditation for the Day
Cooperation with God is the great necessity for our lives. All else follows naturally. Cooperation with God is the result of our consciousness of His presence. Guidance is bound to come to us as we live more and more with God, as our consciousness becomes more and more attuned to the great Consciousness of the universe. We must have many quiet times when we not so much ask to be shown and led by God, as to feel and realize His presence. New spiritual growth comes naturally from cooperation with God.
Prayer for the Day
I pray that God may supply me with strength and show me the direction in which He wants me to grow. I pray that these things may come naturally from my cooperation with Him


thoughts on past week 12th-16th-2010

I've been trying to get my thoughts together here all week. It can be a bit frustrating when you can't get them from your head onto paper. Like a leaf floating around in the wind almost landing but then again swooped away.

I do have to say wwith cherry blossoms blooming, baseball season starting, the robins making nests and all the other trees and flowers blooming, it's impossible not to feel a little extra spring in your step. So with all that it is hard not to be positive! Even with all my jumbled thoughts. It is what I have to remember if my mood starts to slip into that word,"WHY?" Negativity gets me no where! So yes I do get frustrated when I cant get my thoughts out, but I do not stay there! I have TO MUCH to be thankful for!

So , here it is Sunday already, where does the time go? It has been a rather busy week. So I really didn't have time to sit here and type out a post , even if my thoughts were together. Hahaha now I just have to remember what I did HAhahaha..........

Hey lets try doing this backwards! Then MAYBE I will remember the whole week! Ya think?? heehee

OK Yesterday, Saturday ,I did my morning readings,bible and meditation book, prayed and listened to music on you tube, my new morning thing on here instead of face book, I do post some of the songs on there and maybe a bible verve, but that's about it. Some mornings like week ends I do skip the music and go to face book and catch up on my games. Also a phone call or 2, I am SO NOT a phone person lol. So I do that each morning before anything else.

OK So, I went to a meeting in the morning. Came home vacuumed and that just did me in so I played on here , had to catch up on my farm and the food game, then we went to the Blue Claws ballgame. They WON!! Was a great time! It was dollar day, ALL tickets were a dollar,so it was a sell out! We bundled up warm and had our blankets. YES I have pics. ( Me ,not have pics lol I am queen picture lady! I always have my camera with me , helps me remember heehee)

The day before, Friday, I went to a noon step meeting, then came home and cleaned hubby's bathroom, which really did me in, I almost wasn't able to make the Blue Claws opening day game. I went and sat out on the 3 season porch and relaxed for a while, taking in the beauty God put in front of me! Doesn't He just make such beautiful trees, flowers and creatures for us to enjoy? I am so grateful I can see that today! It made me feel better and relaxed my aching shoulders and neck. Then I came on here for just a bit, had to get directions to he Christening were going to Sunday , then off we went for opening day. The weather was lousy! Overcast , cold & damp, which isn't good for either of us! But I pack blankets and I carry those over the counter pain patches just in case. As soon as we got closer to the stadium it started to rain, I mean pour!! We had our rain gear as well. I am always prepared! Well not always lol. We got in and had to stand around for almost a hour, poor hubby was in dire pain standing on his feet. The game was delayed, but finally it stopped raining and we ventured to our seats. We have cushions I made so , like I said we our prepared! The guys wiped our seats but still they are wet. We got to the 3rd inning and the rain started again and that was it for us. I know I was in a lot pain and it was cold! So we went home and watched the mets lose lol again!

OK that brings us to Thursday, hum OK I had to think for a bit but I got it! We went food shopping around noonish and then came home unpacked and planted a Lilac tree we bought and I planted some cuttings i had of forsythias. It was a nice day out warm and sunny, I think lol. Then made dinner and played on here.

Wed. I left early drove to Garfield, 1 & 1/2 hours away, I picked up my son Kris and we headed to my parents which was another 20 minutes. He helped my dad in the yard. I sat with mom and looked at photo albums of when she and my dad were young and just married and of her graduating college. She was pretty good, remembered most of the people in the albums. Was a great day!! We dropped dads car off at repair shop , as he is having trouble with the inside lights and dropped him back home and off we went. I took Kris out for dinner , pizza and subs at our favorite pizza place, we been going there since they were little! Then dropped him off and drove home with some Quick Check Vanilla Coffee! I was beat! Got home 2 hours later , tired, achy and thankful for such a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, Tuesday, hum what did I do Tuesday. Oh I didn't feel good at all that's when i was going to do a blog and couldn't get my thoughts straight. OK I didn't do much of anything slept a lot and just watched TV.

Monday hubby and I went to the Christmas tree shop and bought the Lilac tree and a bunch of other goodies, like suntan lotion, $2.99 for Hawaiian tropic which is like $12.00 in reg stores, and some place mats, little things. Then we went and got the cat some vitamins as hubby is all of a sudden allergic to her. he acquired Asthma and we think it is the cat dander, so Pharmacist recommended we get the cat vitamins. Then we went and got our hair cuts. I was nervous lol as I don't go to get my hair cut, I usually have a friend cut it , last year my motherinlaw did it. I don't like paying for it , hubby calls me cheap, which i am. I can find better things to spend $17.00 on lol. The we stopped for Jersey Mikes sub and home we came. I was so tired by then. Took a nap and played on here.

So there ya have it, I did it! I just have to do things backwards to remember!! Hahahahaha I do remember I didn't feel good most of the week, I was in a flare due to working a flea market last Saturday, but I try not to  let it keep me down, mentally & spiritually! If  I  let it win, then where would I be? I turn to God and He helps me get by each and every day! I am so truely blessed and grateful just to be a live today!!

Today I am leaving here for 10:30 , pick up my motheinlaw and off we go for her great grand daughter, my great niece Christening. It is almost a 2 hour drive. Hubby & the boys are doing the Card Show today so they will miss the Church part but will be there for the dinner party part . So Yes I have a big smile on my face today!! I get to see both my great niece's, Christa is 2 and 1/2 , will be 3 in August and Brooke who is 5 months old, PLUS my sons Yippee it is going to be a long day but a grand day!!! I am very excited! God is so good!

Well I bored who ever is reading this long enough so have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by
God Bless, Peace Hugs and Love Donna

I am Grateful for;
Another day
God's grace
God's Love
God's beauty
God's Word
my hubby
my son's
my family
my friends
spell check
I am feeling good enough to go to the Christening today!!

*~*~*~*^Twenty Four Hours A Day^*~*~*~*

A.A. Thought for the Day

Every time we go to an A.A. meeting, every time we say the Lord's Prayer, every time we have a quiet time before breakfast, we're paying a premium on our insurance against taking that first drink. And every time we help another alcoholic, we're making a large payment on our drink insurance. We're making sure that our policy doesn't lapse. Am I building up an endowment in serenity, peace, and happiness that will put me on easy street for the rest of my life?

Meditation for the Day
I gain faith by my own experience of God's power in my life. The constant, persistent recognition of God's spirit in all my personal relationships, the ever accumulating weight of evidence in support of God's guidance, the numberless instances in which seeming chance or wonderful coincidence can be traced to God's purpose in my life. All these things gradually engender a feeling of wonder, humility, and gratitude to God. These in turn are followed by a more sure and abiding faith in God and His purposes.

Prayer for the Day
I pray that my faith may be strengthened every day. I pray that I may find confirmation of my life in the good things that have come into my life.


happy Day!

Happy day!Free Manga Smileys

Thank you god for another day! I am so excited as I am going to make Church today ! I miss it more and more due to health or family functions. I wasn't feeling good most of yesterday and was thinking I might not be able to make it today, but right now i feel OK.
I worked a flea market yesterday morning and that just did me in!! I slept pretty much of the day away. Free Manga SmileysHubby & I watched old SYFY movies. I did ok at the flea market, my motherinlaw did great! We had a nice time and I ran into an old friend!! We haven't seen each other in over a year! I only get to see her when she comes and visits her parents who live in another village. We didn't get to catch up , we were going to today, BUT, long story short, we got cable back and had trouble with keeping our old phone # so they gave us a temp till they could give us our reg. # back. they said 3 to 5 days WELL, it is over a week and now we have outgoing calls but we cant call in! SO if not for who ever calls going to hubby's email we miss all our calls. Hubby called them again yesterday and gave them an ear full! Free Yahoo SmileysThey said it will take 45 to 78 hours to fix Free Yahoo Smileys, uh HELLO we need our phone as we have a show coming up and dealers calling for tables! we have elderly parents who need to call us.....OK ok so we have cell phones but we don't have a lot minutes......breaths...SO I will not get to catch uh with my friend as I don't have her cell # and I am not sure she has mine. Anyways that's all about that! We will catch up soon. We play phone tag a lot lol.

Here's a pic of mominlaw & I at flea market, it was in her village. Like I said I did ok, enough to cover table and get gas. that's basically why i do them. I know for all the years of doing them, you don't do it for a living! I grew up with it, with my Aunt & Uncle. Then they started thier Doll Shows which I helped with and then hubby and I started our business  Cards and Collectibles, which we turned over to our son's, but we still help out, well hubby doe's, I do once in a while. When we moved here I started doing the Flea Market's to bring in some pocket money, but now I been getting sick after I do them, so I am cutting back on them.

When I get home from Chruch I am hoping to clean a bit and then work on the baby blanket I am making.

Well that's all , got to go get ready for Church.
Have a wonderful day in all you do!
God Bless, PraysFree Yahoo Smileys, hugsFree Yahoo Smileys and love DonnaFree Manga Smileys

I am grateful for;
God's grace
God's beauty
another day
able to make Church
my hubby
my sons
my family
my friends
for the love and joy I feel in my heart today!!!Free Yahoo Smileys


I am so very blessed

I am so very blessed and grateful for another day! I have so much to be thankful for and I am. I try not to take anything for granted, as that's how I lived my life for SO many years. Life today with a grateful heart is so much better! God knows my heart and blesses me each day that I remember where it is I came from and do the next right thing. I choose to walk and live for Him, today!.

Yesterday was so beautiful. Hubby & I sat on the beach for 4 hours, had some lunch on the boadwalk and took a short walk on boardwalk as well. There was a nice breeze which was needed as it was very warm! The water was freezing but ever now and then we had to quickly stand at the edge and wet ourselves and get out fast lol as it hurt ! I had a squirt bottle with us as well. The beach was crowed with young teens and also young moms with their little kids. I love watching them play and scamper about. They were even some who ventured in the water. There were some teens that went all the way in OH MY are they crazy or what lol! I took some pics and a video which i will share at the end of this. We ad a nice relaxing day, which hubby really needed as he hasn't felt good in along while.

Today is physical therapy and then food shopping. I have this therapy and 1 more and I am done! YES I don't even want to go today, was thinking of calling in sick , but then I would have to make it up next week and I don't want to, I just want to finish it, and get it over with. My shoulder is somewhat better but I know in time it will be back to the way it was. I have a slight tear in rooter cuff. Even doing the exercise at home won't be enough as I don;t have all the equipment they have that I used. Oh well. I have other health issues that need to be taking care of before this shoulder.

OK have a Wonderful Day
God Bless, Peace Hugs and love Donna

Grateful for;
God's grace
God's beauty
another day
my husband
my sons
my family
my friends
my recovery
I am able to move around today

for my home

we had sausage sandwichs from Midway
we had ice coffee as we walked the boardwalk
hubby moving away from icy water
so very blessed
reading a good book