Good day all

Good day all
Here it is Wed and April is coming to a close. Where does the time go? I remember my mother saying that when I was a kid, and I thought time doesn't go fast to crawls! WELL I guess as you age time begins to go faster.
It is a week since I went to that new Neuro. DRFree Angry Smileys and it was the last time I would go to that Dr. She got me so upset, so much past Dr visits where they looked at me like I was crazy, making it all up on how I felt, all because the test results didn't show anything. WELL First off she was looking for Epilepsy which duh!Free Yahoo Smileys I know I don't have and we weren't looking for that! Second she doesn't even believe in Fibromyalgia, so I should have known she would have been of no use to me. I was there due to some black outs I experienced a while back and my Rheumy Dr wanted to see if anything else was going on. It can be due to Lupus & Fibro, as you get a heavy fog head.
Well,, it took me a till the next day to realize I have to got Dr's , I just don't have to go to her. Due to my insurance I have now exhausted Neurologists. What really upset me was today these so called Specialist who should specialize in a variety a fields ,
(A neurologist is a medical doctor or osteopath who has trained in the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders, including diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles. ) but they seem to only specialize in a certain one and that's all. She I realized specialized in Sleep disorders and Epilepsy. It's NOT right! Free Yahoo SmileysWe pay good money to these special Dr's and they blow us off if we don't have what they feel you should have. Anyways I will see what the Rheumatolgist wants to do next. I do have to go back to my Gastro. Dr as my stomach isn't horrible. The meds I am on, which were working are no longer working. I been losing weight again and can't keep a lot food in. I spend a lot time in the bathroom, good thing I have a lot reading material in there. ( To much info )
Enough bout Dr's. I don't like talking bout health!! But had to get that out. I didn't read what i wrote in my last post so I hope I am not repeating self lol.

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Sunday I went to my great cousins 15th Birthday partyFree Manga SmileysFree Manga Smileys with my Mother In law. It was hour and half away and my first time riving there. We got a bit lost but found our way . Had a great day! It was hubby's side of the family. So I haven't seen some of them in a long while, as we don't usually go to parties. We stopped back in the day when i was still drinking. He cant use that excuse anymore lol SO I said you can stay home I am going! Glad I did as it was a great time and great food! Boy can my cousin cook! The time went fast , we got there for 2:30ish and before ya know it, it was 7:30. I wanted to leave then as to make it home in time for 9pm to watch a movie, "When Love Is Not Enough", A story of Lois W.’s life and the roots of ALANON. It was good, although, I feel it could have been longer, focusing on more issues Lois had to deal with. I know being a recovering alcoholic, it isnt easy living with us and and I grateful that Lois started up Alanon and used the 12 Steps to help the families get better!  But the point got across. Was intense in some parts, especially watching it with hubby in room. memories of how I was when drinking and the damage I did. Grateful I am sober today and don't have to be that way today! AND that my husband stuck around! We are closer today then ever, although he never went to alanon.

My allergies are kicking my butt!Free Yahoo Smileys And with the rain it makes it worse. I have had to take allergies pills a lot lately! With each year i get older they get worse. What fun we have when we get old LOL Anyways I went to see my parents yesterday. I got there around 12ish and dad was so happy to see me. He said mom was very bad most of morning and a struggle to get her to take her meds. This seems to be getting worseFree Yahoo Smileys, will have to discuss with her Dr. SO he was happy to see a smiling faceFree Yahoo Smileys. I sat with them on couch and held their hands and tried to comfort them both. We sat there for a couple hours before dad said lets go get some lunch and as we were getting ready my Aunt and Uncle popped in. Was great to see them as i haven't seen them in along while and was just asking bout them. They stayed 30 mins and then we got ready to go. Mom stated she wanted ice cream for lunch lol so we went to friendlys. Mom loves her ice cream!! We had a nice lunch and then came back to the house it was already 4ish and I had to get on the road. 2 hour ride and I was so tired! I did moms nails first and as i said my goodbyes dad told me he was so glad to see me and how it makes his day. He said I just seem to brighten up their day. It makes me smile Free Yahoo Smileysto see him smileFree Yahoo Smileys, it isn't easy for him living full time with mom. Especially as her Parkinson's progressesFree Yahoo Smileys. I am glad I can make it there once a week. Wish i could make it 2xs a week like I use to but it seems with gas prices and not feeling well, its just too much. I hope to go sleep over again soon!

Today is a free day! Free Yahoo SmileysI have a few things to do , like call stomach Dr and pick up scripts later, but other then that I am going to watch a movie, work on crafts and relax! Hubby is taking my car in for service so I will be home alone! YES! heehee Don't get to be home

God Bless
Free Yahoo SmileysFree Yahoo SmileysFree Yahoo Smileys Donna
ABC =Acceptance, Belief, Change

We realize we know only a little. God will constantly disclose more to you and to us. Ask Him in your morning meditation what you can do each day for the man who is still sick. The answers will come, if your own house is in order. But obviously you cannot transmit something you haven't got. See to it that your relationship with Him is right, and great events will come to pass for you and countless others. This is the Great Fact for us.
Sobriety is a journey of joyful discovery. Each day brings new experience, awareness, greater hope, deeper faith, broader tolerance. I must maintain these attributes or I will have nothing to pass on.
Great events for this recovering alcoholic are the normal everyday joys found in being able to live another day in God's grace.

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