Welcome to Thursday

Woke up today with semi migraineFree Yahoo Smileys due to neck and body pain. With all the sleeping Ive been doing and then yesterday I felt good enough to clean some dust vacuum and here i am this morning in dire pain! On a scale of 1 to 10 we will give it a 8 right now. I have an ice pack on my neck and took Tylenol arthritis with my meds. The weather is changing again, so my body knows. It is weird how our body's know this. All I know is I don't care for it lol.

I was thinkingFree Thinking Smileys yesterday as i walked around dusting, that the reason i am bloging is so if I ever get to the point where I forget what I am doing I can look back ( or have someone look for me) and see where Ive been and what Ive done. I have a few journals I wrote already, but writing is hard to do, my arms and hands hurt so much and go numb. Yes the go numb and hurt as I do this but it isn't as hard as actually holding the pen and trying to write, as after a bit I cant read it lol. I Also worked on the baby blanket , had to rip out some of it as I made a mistake the other day. It is coming along!

I finally broke down and called the Gastro. Dr. I just hate going to Dr's and know i am only delaying trying to get SS-DI. I need to go and get the ball rolling!! SO I got an appointment for this Friday. WOW fast! Then as were eating dinner It dawned on me that this is the Gastro Dr I don't likeFree Sign Smileys Hahaha SO now the question is do I call and cancel and make the appointment with the Gastro Dr I do like or just keep it and see what happens. See I looked at the stomach meds I have and it said the first Dr , that's why I called him. Well I think i will just go and see what happens. If I don't like him I will call the other one. SOMETHING has to be done.

Today is food shopping day. Were in for nice weather todayFree Yahoo Smileys ;Windy with sunshine. High 71F. Winds W at 20 to 30 mph. Not bad! Hope to go sit in it later, maybe even putz around some if I feel better. The icepack is helping but will see.

Well that's all for now
God Bless
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