happy Day!

Happy day!Free Manga Smileys

Thank you god for another day! I am so excited as I am going to make Church today ! I miss it more and more due to health or family functions. I wasn't feeling good most of yesterday and was thinking I might not be able to make it today, but right now i feel OK.
I worked a flea market yesterday morning and that just did me in!! I slept pretty much of the day away. Free Manga SmileysHubby & I watched old SYFY movies. I did ok at the flea market, my motherinlaw did great! We had a nice time and I ran into an old friend!! We haven't seen each other in over a year! I only get to see her when she comes and visits her parents who live in another village. We didn't get to catch up , we were going to today, BUT, long story short, we got cable back and had trouble with keeping our old phone # so they gave us a temp till they could give us our reg. # back. they said 3 to 5 days WELL, it is over a week and now we have outgoing calls but we cant call in! SO if not for who ever calls going to hubby's email we miss all our calls. Hubby called them again yesterday and gave them an ear full! Free Yahoo SmileysThey said it will take 45 to 78 hours to fix Free Yahoo Smileys, uh HELLO we need our phone as we have a show coming up and dealers calling for tables! we have elderly parents who need to call us.....OK ok so we have cell phones but we don't have a lot minutes......breaths...SO I will not get to catch uh with my friend as I don't have her cell # and I am not sure she has mine. Anyways that's all about that! We will catch up soon. We play phone tag a lot lol.

Here's a pic of mominlaw & I at flea market, it was in her village. Like I said I did ok, enough to cover table and get gas. that's basically why i do them. I know for all the years of doing them, you don't do it for a living! I grew up with it, with my Aunt & Uncle. Then they started thier Doll Shows which I helped with and then hubby and I started our business  Cards and Collectibles, which we turned over to our son's, but we still help out, well hubby doe's, I do once in a while. When we moved here I started doing the Flea Market's to bring in some pocket money, but now I been getting sick after I do them, so I am cutting back on them.

When I get home from Chruch I am hoping to clean a bit and then work on the baby blanket I am making.

Well that's all , got to go get ready for Church.
Have a wonderful day in all you do!
God Bless, PraysFree Yahoo Smileys, hugsFree Yahoo Smileys and love DonnaFree Manga Smileys

I am grateful for;
God's grace
God's beauty
another day
able to make Church
my hubby
my sons
my family
my friends
for the love and joy I feel in my heart today!!!Free Yahoo Smileys

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