What a beautiful day 6/5/10

Oh what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day.....Thank You God for another one!!

I am feeling a bit better today. Been in and out of a flare, more in one then out. The weather just did me in. We've had the air on since Tuesday and here it is Sat. and don't look like it will go off any time soon. It is already 82' and 65% humidity at 8:15am YUCK! PLUS ...


SO I've pretty much been staying inside in the air conditioning. Right now I am out in the 3 season porch, soon to be going inside. I don't like being inside , as after a while I feel closed in and then the air conditioning gets to me. But for now I will hang here as the sun is in and there is a breeze coming in the window and I have the fan on.

I am cooking as I type this, Tapioca pudding. One a task, Ive never made it from scratch. First I had to soak the tapioca in water over night. Then in double broiler you cook the milk just till it gets hot, then u add the tapioca and then wait till it just begins to boil then cover and put on way low and cook for 1 hour, stirring now and then..I just went in and stirred it, and THEN you have to beat the eggs and add sugar and...YES its a process! Almost 2 hours. Can't wait to eat it tonight after dinner.
Hi again, I'm back. I know you never knew I left lol, but I did. I went to a Tricky Tray with my mother in law. We had a great time, but won nothing!!  I was glad to get home as I was in a lot pain and so tired. So i ended up taking a hour nap. Made dinner and here i am.
Update on baby robins, they are getting bigger. There only seems to be 2 out of the 4 eggs. Unless they are sitting on the other 2. It's tough getting a good picture as the momma robin attacks lol I tried this morning to snap a picture and she attacked me, I ran and she kept coming at me, I screamed and ran in the house heehee hee hee So I just went out after dinner as hubby was watering the flowers and she wasn't in the nest so I quickly snapped a shot and quickly walked away!

I am going to have some tapioca pudding in a bit. I tasted it as I poured in into the dishes and YUM! YUM! YUM! It was worth all the time it took to make.
It is still 85' at 7:36pm Humidity is 60% SO the air stays on!


OH yesterday i worked on the duck wagon. I washed it and painted it white then I painted the wagon light pink. I still have to finish it.
Well that's all for today. I am going to play my games then watch a movie.

God Bless Peace Hugs and Love Donna S

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