When God said, "Let us make man in our image, to be like us."
Genesis 1 :28

Hope. It's about looking forward, seeing beyond the here and now, and anticipating the future. Hope pulls the joys of the future into the present because it believes there's more to come, and it doesn't wait to celebrate.

God is all about hope. He is full of hopes and dreams for us. We can see it right there in the first chapter of His Word. He created an ideal environment to sustain us because He intended a future for us. Since He made us in His image, He created us to reflect His hope filled character.

Consider these truths as you approach this day:

~Will your attitudes, words, and actions reveal a confidence that God will continue to be God? Not just in the Garden of Eden, not just in Sally Somebody's life-but in your life. And not just today, but tomorrow, next month, and years from now.

~Circumstances are never the real killers of hope. The death of hope lies in forgetting to focus on the One whose image you bear.

~You can celebrate today, no matter what your current circumstances look like. Life often hurts-and you may not experience the answers or provisions right now-but God promises you a hope-filled future in Him.

Dear Lord,
Please help me reflect your character today
to a world that needs hope.
In Christ, Amen

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Joey said...

Amen, Donna!