Another snow day

 afternoon my friends.Free Happy Smileys Praising God for another day . Free Happy SmileysFree Yahoo Smileys

It started out as a rainy/sleeting kinda morning. We had snow during the night maybe 2 inches worth. Well it is now snowing, and snowing hard!. I've been sitting here watching movies and watching the birds seeking cover and food. I threw out a bunch of seeds this morn and just before. I took pictures and some movies. I don't know what it is about a snowy day that memorizes me. I have to capture it all! I love taking pictures to begin with. I love watching birds and the squirrels. I got a few good shots which I will share, plus a nice peaceful movie of the snow falling. I could sit an watch it all day, it just relaxes me. Especially knowing I don't have to shovel it . We have maintenance that does all that YEA! Also hubby likes to go play with his snow blower, which I remind him to not over do it, with his back and all I worry. I know it is all in God's hands but still I love him so much .Sometimes I don't think he realizes how much I do worry bout him. I mean one wrong turn, twist an he could be paralyzed. BUT I also know he can't just sit and do nothing as I know from my own pain issues ,I know you have to get up and do something, if only for 15 or 30 minutes.

Oops,there I go staring out the window watching the snow & birds. Oh how peaceful. God has many beautiful , peaceful things for us, aren't we so fortunate? I know I am. I know years ago I didn't see the true beauty of snow and birds , of LIFE! I was too busy being wrapped up in ME. I am so grateful I turned my life over to the care of God in 2005. Life is so amazing !

Oh I said yesterday I was going to make some chicken dish , well hubby and I ended up eating out. We ate at Sonic, which was yummy! I had a chicken club and he had a steak & cheese sandwich. We had a really nice day! We returned the earpiece from my cell phone that didn't work. We exchanged it for another one and got in car an tried it and it didn't work. My phone is ancient, nothing fits it , so no talking in car. I have to check on line , which as fast I say it I forget to do it.Free Sign Smileys Makes a note to look it up later. I bought sticky notes a few weeks ago, I have one right here, one in my purse , one in the kitchen,one in my Bible and my one in my Big book. I have a lot trouble with short term memory.

Tonight I am making ,Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken and Tortillas. It smells yummy! I changed it up some to my liking, I am getting better now at this slow cooker thing hehehehe, I LOVE IT! I don't know how I lived with out one all these years!

OH , I also went to the library after therapy yesterday. My books were due and I ordered some on line but they weren't in yet, so I looked around and checked out some cooking books, a sewing book, design book for home repair, and a book to read. I love the library, I get so lost there. BUT I had to make it quick yesterday as hubby was waiting on me.

OK I went on long enough. I pray you all have a wonderful day/night .If you got snow, don't over do it shoveling!! A little at a time!!

God Bless ♥Free Yahoo Smileys

Circumstances occur that could easily crush us. They may originate on the job or at home or even during the weekend when we are relaxing. Unexpectedly, they come. Immediately we have a choice to make...an attitude choice. We can hand the circumstances to God and ask Him to take control or we can roll it up our mental sleeves and slug it out. Joy awaits our decision.

Who is wise? Let him...
consider the lovingkindness of the LORD.
Psalm 107:43

Boy does this hit home! I still have fall short when it comes to the right choice. I am better then I use to be, which is progress. I also know even if my bad attitude burts out, with out thinking, or looking to God for the right decision, I have another choice to change it , to ask God to help me change, which I do today!

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