Mindy McCready "I'm Still Here" from Celebrity Rehab

Mindy McCready   "I'm Still Here"

I just started watching this show this year. My husband has watched it for since it aired. I didn't understand why he would watch it after all the years of living with me, an active alcoholic. I guess in the back of my mind all the years of hurt I caused him and my son's, I juts couldn't figure out why he would watch it. So I asked him, and he likes it and it doesnt bring back any bad memories as he see's how far I have come and that I am Not that person anymore. Tears came to my eyes when I he answered and tears just came to my eyes now. I was saved by grace! The grace of God! I should have been dead many times! So we both now watch the show and are able to talk bout things from our past and how things are now. We both have come a long way! Concidering we met when I was 14 and he was 20. We grew up together, or I should say he stcuk around while I grew up lol. We've both grown since that day I came into recovery in 1999 and believe me it was a rocky first 5 years!, but, we got through it! We are closer now then wev've even been! and I thank God each and every day for saving me from myself!
When I hear this song the other night OMY did I cry!! even hubby got choked up. I pray for those who are that show and those who walk back out. I pray for the still sick and suffering in and out the rooms each and ever day & night!!
God Bless♥♥
Thank you to all who stood by me over the years and helped me see. I might not have saw what you were talking about then but in time I clicked! I love you and I will always be here for you!!

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