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I got new glasses-PhotobucketProgressive , going to take time to get use to them, but it is better then 2 pairs of glasses like i had, I read up on it and it can take up to 2 weeks before i will be use to them. Its nice to be able to read an look at TV and see both>>although the computer is a bit blurry>>>Time!!! Patience!!! This was the high light of my day!

I went to the rheumatologist today. Kind of a check up from 3 weeks ago to see how it was going with therapy for my shoulder. I explained to her that therapist said it looks like it is router cuff that's the problem and should get a MRI. Well she agreed. I told her i would finish out the next 2 weeks and see how it is then. She wasn't to thrilled. I have one of the top Rheumy Dr's around but man she has NO personality! What ever not my business as long as she helps me which she seems to be doing. OK then she talked bout if it is router-cuff I would have to see a Orthopedic Dr and might need surgery and asked how i felt bout all this, I said well if I need it i will have to do it, no that I want to. I said my insurance company is the one not going to be happy lol. She also wants me to get more blood work & find a Neurolgist. I left there drained! Free Yahoo Smileysand in pain,Free Yahoo Smileys as she had to lift my arm and poke my shoulder OUCH OK. I've been in a flare for almost 2 weeks and this visit just did in me in.

I had yet to go home and get my motherinlaw as she also was getting new glasses. I got home to find no where to park as the guy we had come fix our roof on 2 season porch was there and hubby had his car pulled out so he could find wet dry vac, so i had to park in middle of finger ( like a cul de sac) . Then i get inside and asked to hubby to call his mom and say i am on my way, I took my meds and then as i am ready to leave I remembered I had to do my unemployment OK so I went into my room and turned on computer and went to site to find out it is down , OK so I had to call and I am not a fan of that as I usually get a call and it interrupts the whole thing, but thank God I got it done, my last one. God only knows what will come after this!! I am in no shape to go back to work at this point as much as i want to. The I look at the scrips she gave me and realized she forgot to give me one Free Sign Smileys.....OK OK I am whining Free Basic Smileyslol .......I left the house and got mominlaw and off we went. She asked if I was OK and off I went crabbing bout the day lol and then I said OK I am done how are you and she said OH PLEASE I did nothing but argue with my rheumy Dr HAhahahaha She got it all out and we both laughed. We got our glasses and left feeling better then when we went in! "smiles" I dropped her off went home and took a nice nap! Dinner was late as I didn't walk into the house till 4:45. I left 12:15. I woke up warmed left over stew took a shower and here i am. Trying to focus with these new glasses.Photobucket
Life and pain are synonymous. You cannot have one without the other.Pain is a fact of life in this fallen world, and we cannot escape it. In fact, the goal in life is not to get away from the pain of it, but to endure through it, in fact , to triumph over it, while learning the lessons only pain can teach us.

As someone put it, "Pain is inevitable. Misery is optional." Since we cannot get free of pain, the secret of successful living is finding ways to live above the level of misery. Indeed, we must.

My flesh and my heart may fail,
but god is the strength of my heart.

Psalm 73:26

OK now I had a choice today to live in the misery or to ask God to help me get past how I was feeling. Which i did, many times. That's what's so great , I can talk to God any time and as many times as I want! I keep that saying in my mind , "Pain is inevitable. Misery is optional." as it is said a lot in the rooms of AA. My Misery can ALWAYS be refunded if I want. Well today I DON'T WANT to be miserable so I remember that saying! and I always turn to God. I am aloud to get crabby! I am human! BUT I don;t stay in it and I been trying not to turn it on my husband. It is something I find I do at times. When we went away this week end for our Valentine Spa day we discussed this and we came to an agreement we both were going to try harder to think before we speak, when we are upset bout something. it nice also today that we can sit and talk bout things. Life is great!! God is awesome!! I thank Him all the time!awesome GOD Pictures, Images and Photos
My day did start out wonderful with the birds out my window and me takin pictures of them. I got a great shot of a bluejay, there not easy t get a snap shot of. So after you read al this, it is just ramblings of my mind. Like I said My life is awesome! I just have less patience when i am in a flare.

OK movie time with hubby! Free Sign Smileys

God Bless Free Manga Smileys


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