A Great Day!-Polar Bear Plunge

Yesterday & today made up for the bad days that I have been having recently. Those bad days are due to my health and my fears. I've been basically on an emotional roller coaster. More down then up. I just sit and cry and can't stop and all I want to do is sleep, but can't as my pain level is so high. One thing that was causing some of the fear was making a phone call to a neurologist. Oh I have been to a few before, but what's been happening to me  lately is scary and the fear of it all has kept me from calling & I know I will need a brain scan which I am not a fan of at all!! I was suppose to make the phone call to set up an appointment 3 weeks ago. Well, I finally made the appointment yesterday afternoon a few hours after I got home from an AA meeting. Before I went to the meeting a talked to a friend in the program, she helped me see how just making the appointment and getting answers will help and finding more acceptance to being sick at such a young age. I also talk to a friend online almost everyday who is also in the program and who has been suffering with health issues, she alwasy can get me to smile and remember I am not alone!! 

So I woke today feeling refreshed and left to pick up the refreshments for the AA meeting. I am really enjoying this commitment. I am getting to know some of the people from this meeting, which is my home group. We had a business meeting and afterwords I talked with my sponcee and told her I was leaving early as hubby & I were going to seaside to the Polar Bear plunge. As the meeting began I realized the speakers and saw that 1 of them was a guy from my Mon & Fri. meeting I go to and really love his sobriety! So I told my sponcee if he speaks second I will be staying and just have to be late getting back home. Well he spoke second and I am SO glad I stayed. He said just what I needed to hear!! Isn't that how it  always works lol. I talked with him after the meeting and thanked him as I haven't heard his story before. I left got home and hubby & I set out for seaside. The weather today was 50's and sunny! Wooohoooo spring is coming! We arrived at the beach and WOW was it packed!! So many people. I took tons of pictures and some movies. We had a wonderful day!! We walked the boardwalk afterwords and stopped and had pizza.

I had a low pain day after having 4 weeks of high pain. My shoulder is feeling better after 5 weeks of physical therapy and my depression has seemed to subsided for now. I pray it stays away! I can't say what the week will bring, I just know today was an awesome day!!

Thank You Lord for this day! God Bless, Peace & Love Donna

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