Good Friday

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Good Friday
Marilyn Helleberg

It's a dark gray afternoon. The air feels heavy, almost suffocating. A strange combination of people mill about. Some shout sneering words. Soldiers squat below the cross, throwing dice. Some glassy-eyed, com passionless onlookers just stare. Some truly grieve. A few women hold on to one another, crying. One slightly graying woman gazes up at the One on the center cross, her voice a mere whisper: "My Son. Oh, my Son."

I don't want to look at Him. I don't want to see His terrible agony. But the lamb moves closer, and I follow. Standing below His cross, I can't avoid hearing His labored breathing, seeing His contorted face, noticing the blood running down His hands from the spikes that have been driven into them. I cover my eyes.

In a voice of love and compassion He cries out to the soldiers, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:24). Then, in a loud voice He calls, "It is finished," and gives His Spirit back to God (John 19:30). His work on the cross is ended. I cry in my heart and am forever thankful that He chose to suffer agony and death so that I might live. I can be free because of the One Who chose to take my place.


Dearest Lord Jesus, my precious Lord,
Thank you for suffering agony and death
for me so that I might live. Work in my
life, transform me, use me today.

In Christ,


PhotobucketIts going to be another beautiful day out and I feel good! shhhh I am very fatigued and my pain level is medium.
Hubby & I are going to take a walk on the boardwalk today.He hasn't been feeling to good at all lately. Dr. gave him a new med , which should help. I also need to gather up a baggie of sand for a project i am making. Hope I remember the bag lol
Then get back in time for Church at 2pm.

Yesterday was a good day. Went to therapy, my shoulder is a lot better! I have 3 more appointments and I am finished! We went food shopping, and then took a ride to the German butcher to get kielbasa for Easter and then to home depot for flowers, but they hardly had anything,so hubby got a ladder which we needed, as we always borrow the neighbors. Then we went to walmart and they didn't have hardly any flowers and the ones they had were all bloomed out, so we picked up stuff for the boys Easter baskets and a big Eared bunny for my motherinlaw ( she keeps saying she wants bite off the ears of a chocolate bunny ), then we went next door the plant shop we usually go to and they had a nice selection. Hubby bought me a container of tulips and hyacinths.I LOVE the smell of hyacinths.Photobucket
For some reason I was very moody yesterday and I really don't know why. I don't like when i am like that , which is very rarely. I Pray today my mood stays in one place!
I can't wait to see my son's Sunday!! I miss them when i don't see them. I do get to briefly chat with them on line at face book, but it isn't the same as seeing them! I have a freezer full of food for my youngest son. My freezer will be empty when he leaves Sunday lol.

Well have a Blessed Day!
God Bless, Peace, Hugs & Love Donna
Don't forget to count your blessings!, not your problems!!

I am grateful for;
another day
God's beauty
God's grace
God's love
my husband
my sons'
my family
my friends
for feeling pretty good
trials & tribulations to help me grow

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