Happy Friday-5-14-10>posted 5-19-20

Happy Friday!!
Today is a good day! I am starting to feel better, although the fatigue has yet to lift. The new stomach meds has yet to kick in, Dr said it would take some time. I am just happy it is the week end! Even though I am not working at this time, I love the week ends! Today I have my noon Step Meeting and then what ever I feel up to doing , just might be napping, as like I said I cant shake this horrid fatigue! Yesterday I was able to go food shopping and even went for a walk with hubby. I pushed myself, I was glad I was able to do it, although it was hard and he saw it. I came home and laid down the rest of the night. ( well reclined on my couch) My pain level went down as well. Although today it is overcast and rained some so the normal pain is here.

I started out on Facebook saying good morning, looking at pictures of my friend Sandy and then I was searching out Seaside Heights pages to post that Seaside Heights was rated one of the 10 tops beach's! I live 25 mins away from there.Then as I was searching the seaside heights pages I saw a site  on the pinelands in NJ. Driving Jersey: The Pine Barrens ,Very interesting!! We live in the Pines area also known as Pineys. We have only lived here 3 years this August, but i feel like Ive been here for ever! I grew up in the country setting of Parsippany, NJ before it was made into a city like area YUCK!  ----I gotta go pick up my friend for meeting will finish this later lol ---

5-19-10--Never finished Blessings to all

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