Where does the time go? 4-26-10

Can you believe May is coming to a close soon?? Where does the time go ? I do know i try to enjoy each day as it comes!

I  never got to post the blog I was writing on 4-14. I will post it before I post this one. I left off with the new stomach meds, that I went off all ready lol. It made feel horrible and acted like a water pill. So I stopped taking it. I went back on the old one. The flare has passed so i feel pretty good. I have the Rheumy Dr today. I went for blood work last week, so I will be getting the results of that and also pick up all my lab work Ive had with her.I want to keep a record of it all. I decided by Sept I am filing for SS DI. I looked into it all and found out all what i need. I got some paper work all ready and all the Dr's info of past and there #'s. I realized after this last flare there is no way I can hold a job down. I want to , I really miss working!!

My friend Virginia was down for a visit with her parents, who lives in a different village, 6 mins from me, and we got to spend all day Saturday together. I was grateful I was feeling better, first day! We hit the motherload of garage sales over in Pinebeach, where my sponcee lives. There were so many we couldnt hit them all. We got a lot of great buys!


I just had a overnight stay with my parents.Dad had heart Dr Monday and now needs a stress test. It has been 18 months since he had one. So that will be next Mon and Tues. Another sleep over. I do enjoy every minute I get to spend with them!! Mom wasn't to good this visit. I hate Parkinson's and what it is doing to my mom. I see what a toll it is and has been doing to dad.

Today we have Cloudy skies early, then partly cloudy this afternoon. High around 70F. Winds NW at 10 to 15 mph. Yesterday was rainy and cold! 55F. It is only 54 right now. Tomorrow is going to beautiful 79' and Friday is going to be in the 80's WOOOHOOOO .

That's all for now.
Have a wonderful day!
God Bless
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Birdnest in the bush outside my bedroom window. Robins nest no eggs yet
Free Yahoo Smileys Poor dad didn't feel good while I was there, stomach issues. He was glad I was there to look after mom. The aide is useless! All she does is get mom up and dressed and put her to bed.Free Yahoo Smileys She brings the meds to her and trys to give them to her but dad or I end up doing it. Mom refuses to take them. It is a big project! Took me almost a hour to get her noon meds in her. Sad.....

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