Happy Sunday-5-23-10

Good Morning and Happy Sunday!

I am finally going to be able to make Church today Yippee! lol I haven't been to church in over a month due to parties and being sick. I MISS IT!
It is overcast with rain showers at times. High 67F.  Chance of rain 50% YUCK! I was hoping to plant the flowers we bought today. I was going to do it yesterday, but on the way home from meeting I stopped at kohl's and before you knew it the time flew by lol. I had 2 gifts cards to spend and I spent almost the whole thing. I got 3 new shirts, a pair of shorts, 2 bra's ( to much info? lol ) and a gift for hubby for Fathers day.

OH and on the way home I saw little baby geese, and of course I had to stop and take pictures lol.

Time I got home it was to late to start working in yard, as we had a ballgame for 4;00. Hubby was working in the yard when I got home and I helped him a bit, he was putting the cedar mulch down.

  The Robin in the bush by my bedroom window had 4 eggs in it. I told hubby to move his chair as she wasn't in it. He forgot about the nest.

 The ballgame was good till it poured on us in the 8th inning and they put the tarp down, so we left. We had hour and half drive home. It was the  Somerset Patriots game, they played Lancaster Barnstormers and we WON, 3-2.

Well today after church I plan on making
White Bean Banana Nut Bread , I found it on another blog and the lady said it is delicious! So will see. It is a way of sneaking in veggies and  high fiber, which I am trying to do. I try to eat as much high fiber as i can , as the Dr said ti would help the IBS, will see. I will let you know how it comes out. After that I want to finish the flower box I am making.

I bought a cam and got a great deal! It was $49.99 and I got it for $29.99. Wooohoo It works great! I got it as my friend is out in Minn. for 3 months as her hubby, as I have mentioned had a serious operation.( John had his pancreas removed and the islet of Langerhan removed from the pancreas and graphed onto his liver. He will also have his spleen removed.) This way we can talk and see each other, which makes her feel not so alone out there!

My friend Andrea wrote me an email; "John is out of ICU and in a private room. His pain is being managed well. He has walked with a walker about 30 feet - 4 times. He is having trouble sleeping but is sleeping right now. That is how I have a minute to write. He keeps me very busy! Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and support. We truly appreciate it." SO I want to thank all of you as well for praying and to please keep praying for them. Thanks!  Well that's all for now.

God Bless
Peace, Hugs and Love Donna S

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