Good morning

Hope all is well with you. I am doing pretty good. The weather has been in the 90's last couple days and from the way it looks it is going to be that way for the rest of the week! I am happy about that as we are leaving for AC today for 3 days and night! Yippee fun in the sun and we have free tickets to see a show on the 7th, PLUS my oldest son , Joe and his girlfriend Tammy, will be down the 6th and 7th. We made plans to spend the 7th, my sons Joe's birthday, with them. They have tickets as well to the show, so they are coming by us to spend the day on the beach and then off to the show at night. Thank you God for the love of my family! That my son wants to spend time with me. Very excited here lol.

I have to water my garden before we go. I finally got a tomato on one of my 4 plants. I know by the time I get back i will have more as they all have flowers. There is nothing like a garden tomato!! So I have to give everything a good soaking!

 I so enjoy my yard with all the pretty flowers. I noticed my butterfly bush finally bloomed and I gotmy first visitor.

My roses are doing really well this year. I conquered the black spot problem.

I just love Roses! I love flowers period! My dad always and still does grow roses , flowers and tomatoes. When we were little he had a big garden, with all kinds veggies and flowers. So I got my green thumb from him. He is 86 and still enjoys his garden, although it is small , just a few tomatoes, peppers , his roses and some flowers. It is such peace and serenity, I feel. When I get stressed, I go out in the yard and take in God's beauty. It is so refreshing!!

Well have a great week all.
I hope to finish this baby blanket

God Bless, Peace and Love Donna S.
I will leave you with this song.
Matt Maher "Hold Us Together" LIVE

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