Good day all......

Good day allFree Yahoo Smileys

I can't believe I went the wrong week AGAIN to speak , this is frustratingFree Basic Smileys, but at least I stayed for the meeting ( I really wanted to be home in bed the way i am feeling) It was a great meeting !! I think God was working Free Basic SmileysI heard just what I need to and found out a friend of mine from my Mon & Fri meeting lost his daughter, she was in her 30's. Car accident . He just lost his x-wife last month. Free Sign Smileys Free Sign Smileys

Hubby was at Card Show all day so it was quiet here. Its been a down day for me. Not mentally down but physically. I wasn't able to make church, this is 2 weeks now. I so miss it when i cant go, but it wasn't possible. I feel horrible. Seems my flare ups are worse then ever. I have anxiety now with them,a heaviness in my chest like someone sitting on it. A little scary but I am hoping to feel better tomorrow. If not, then I might have to call Dr. I just more or less slept the day away. Watched movies. Called my friends lady-friend to give my condolences and to let them know they are in my prayersFree Basic Smileys. She wasn't home , but got back to me later and was happy I called and said they both are just taking it one day at a time. Its one of the most wonderful things about AA, true caringFree Basic Smileys!! We talked a bit and she asked how i been doing as i haven't been at the meetings this week. I told her Dr's appointments and she said she is here for me if i need to yell, cry or just talk , I said same to her!! It's nice to know I am connecting with women here. I prayedFree Yahoo Smileys about it , bout all I can do today.

This weather is beautiful!!Free Manga Smileys Spring is here Yippee Puts a huge smile on my face. I did sit out on 3 season porch this morning and did my reading . I LOVE IT! I am cooking BBQ Chicken on grill, which i best go look on Free Basic Smileys Free Sign Smileys I ended up cooking and eating and glad this is still here. My friend Tina just calledFree Manga Smileys, always great to here from her!Free Yahoo Smileys We both have come along way! true friendshipFree Yahoo Smileys !

Well that's about all for now. going to go play my games over at face book.
Have a great rest of the day/night.
Is grateful for;
another day!
my hubby
my sons
and knowing no matter what God is alwasy with me!

God Bless, peace Free Sign Smileysand love Free Basic SmileysDonna

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