Happy St Patricks Day

What a long day and boy am I tired!! Hubby & I left the house at 8:30am and headed for his stress test which was a hour & half away. He still kept his heart Dr back where we use to live. Anyways before we left I started the Corned Beef, put it in Crock Pot to cook for the day. I brought my bag of goodies, meaning knitting, a book and magazines plus a snack & my meds. I am use to Dr's offices and the waiting so I am always prepared and I knew I be waiting a few hours for him. I started to knit a baby blanket for my girlfriends daugherinlaw who is preggers. I figure if I start now i will be done in Oct when the baby is due lol. I am making butterfly squares and will attach them when I have enough. Hubby first part of his test went pretty good, except his sugar was up and has yet to know what the pics showed, that's part of tomorrow test plus what ever else they do. We got back home at 3:00pm. I was hoping to catch a nap but, I had to set dining room table , I still had my Thomas Kincaid table cloth I made on, so I changed it to the lace one I had with place mats. I used my good dishes that my dad gave me which were his grandmothers. Hubby called his mom and went to get her for 4;30. I put the cabbage in pot at 3:30 and by 4:45 we were sitting at the table. It came out good! I had Irish Soda bread and rye bread.

We talked bout politics which seems to be coming up a lot.( I don't like talking politics!!!) My brother and I have been also discussing it and also with my dad. I am NOT happy along with my brother, his wife , who are both teachers, my husband, his mom and a WHOLE lot of other people at what Senator Christie is doing. I am praying about it , but still it is so wrong what he is and has done to teachers, fireman, police & now he is after the seniors and people on disability, What really errks me is Christie isn't getting any cuts nor any other politician. In fact I am sure they are putting some in their pockets and there pensions I am sure wont be touched! There still are NO job's to be had and people are struggling to stay a float! My son can't find a job and he is in his 20's and if he can't find work how are we older people who have been laid off or the business have folded to find work?? More and more business's are folding. THERE ARE NO JOBS!>> ARGGGG OK enough of that.......Giving it back to god and will just continue to pray about it all!

My mother in-law left early as her knee was bothering her. She isn't sure what she did to it but it was swollen, she is going to Dr's tomorrow. I wish i could go with her but hubby's second part of his stress test is tomorrow. I feel like I am going back into a flare and Ive only been out of it 2 days lol, this totally stinks!! I do get tired of being sick, but then I know I am not alone and that helps. This going every day just gets to me, runs me down more. BUT I have to be there with hubby and I want to be there.

On a happier note my youngest son called, was great to hear from him, even though it wasn't great news. Still no job and he is behind on rent. I told him his grandfather ( my dad) has some yard work for him, so I will get to see him in a couple weeks. YEA!

Oh well I am done here
God Bless Peace Love & Hugs Donna

I am grateful for the beautiful sunny warm day
my husband,
my sons,
my family that i am very close with,
a home that's payed off,
food in the fridge,
activities to keep me busy,
and my nice comfy bed to sleep in!

goodnight all


When I am able,by faith, to sense God's hand on my situation, my attitude will be right. I don't begin the day gritting my teeth, asking, "Why do I have to stay in this situation?" Instead, I believe that He made me the way i am and put me where i am to do what He has planned for me to do. O don't wait for my situation to change before I put my heart into my work. I suggest you give that a try. It's called "blooming where yo are planted." There's nothing like an attitude of gratitude to free us up.

Seek the Lord and His strength;...
remember His wonders which He has done.

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